We can offer a number of services to suit your needs, please click on the headings for more information on the specific service or scroll down the page.


Wire eroding up to 400mm thick in any conductive material. Our ” we can do ethos” means we try to work outside the box and achieve what is perceived to be unachievable.

The physical size of the part is not confined to within the machine table size as multiple operations can be performed to achieve the desired part.

Can be used for Gear Cutting, Keyways, and Splines as a cost effective alternative to Broaching. Tapers, 4 axis profiles, Square holes, splitting tubes with a minimal gap, also used to produce Press Tools, Form Tools and will cut any electrically conductive material or hardened material up to 400mm thick.

We are also able to reverse engineer many parts as we have previously done on broken gears and other machined parts by using our vision camera system to take measurements from existing components and provide parts that there are no drawings or 3D models available for.


We have a page dedicated to our brand new waterjet cutting service, click here to find our more


We can EDM Fasthole drill from 0.3mm up to 3.3mm diameter and up to a depth of 330mm thick can be achievable depending on the hole size and part. It is possible to remove broken drills, taps, cutters, studs etc; from machined components that would otherwise be scrapped off. Also we can drill vent holes, grease holes in hardened parts such as Ball Bearings, Slideways and Bearings.


It’s possible to produce Gear forms, Splines both internal and external, Drives of all different shapes and sizes, internal and external Keyways, spark threads, Squares and Hexagons in hardened materials. We have machined shafts 5 feet long with gear forms on the end 100 mm long. It is possible for us to produce a mating part from an existing part that has no information or drawing!

If we think its achievable we will try it.


Our inspection department has a vision system capable of producing inspection reports and full cmm capabilities.

We also have many other handheld inspection instruments, all fully calibrated to UKAS certification and managed through our ISO9001-2015 quality system.